Dog Training

(for dogs of all ages)


Our 1-2-1 training sessions are tailored to each dog as an individual.

Common training struggles that our sessions cover are as follows: 

  • Basic cues and behaviours (sit, lie down, stand, drop, stay and wait etc.)

  • Recall 

  • Lead walking

  • Household Manners

  • Calmness struggles

  • Focus around distractions

  • Confidence building and fears

  • Fun tricks

  • Mental stimulation

  • and more...


Online Training

(Delivered via Zoom)

  • Online training sessions: £30 each

In Person Training

(1-2-1 training sessions)

  • In person training sessions : £45 each

Our training sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes each and aim to provide you and your dog with the tools for achieving your dog owning dream.

To ensure that our sessions are as fun and interactive as possible, they are done at your own home or an agreed location, with packages available if multiple sessions are required.

You may also be invited to take part in a discovery call or complete our background questionnaire before the session. This is to establish the struggles that you and your dog are having, while gathering information on your dog's health, behaviour, individual personality and any previous training.