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Sarah Davie - Dog Trainer

I have a degree in Canine Studies and I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer with over 5 years dog training and 2 years dog walking experience.

Dogs have always been a huge part of my life with my first dog (a Border Collie) driving my passion to learn more about their development and training due to his fearful nature and individual quirks. Since then my learning of up to date and positive methods of training and continued development has never stopped.

At Sarah Davie Dog Training we focus on the individual dog and dog-owner relationships, helping to find the solution to your struggles without the use of punishment or fear. Our training philosophy uses positive, fun and games based methods to help inspire confident, happy and well-mannered dogs.


Positive & reward based methods

We use positive reinforcement style, reward based training to help build bonds and create a dog that is capable of making the correct choices.

Qualifications (and certificate courses)

  • FdSc in Canine Studies (Myerscough College)

  • Certified Pro Dog Trainer (Absolute Dogs)

  • Canine First Aid (Absolute Dogs)

  • COAPE - Becoming a Better Dog Trainer by Engaging the Mind of the Dog (Distinction)

  • The Dog Rescuers Guide (Canine Principles)

  • Puppy Socialisation (Canine Principles)

  • Easy Walks with your Reactive Dog (Canine Principles)

  • Canine Resource Guarding (Canine Principles)

  • and more...